Crap, Crap Crap!

Just got a message from my wife that Ticketmaster has announced the cancellation of the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Truck event in Chicago this weekend. I requested confirmation from SST via Twitter and received no response. (Honestly after my failed attempt to get Alex Lloyd a ride who could blame them for ignoring me?)

A quick check of their website shows the last race as St. Louis and the next One as Atlanta, but no explanation of what happened to Chicago.


This sucks! I've had tickets since they went on sale this spring and would have tried to go to St. Louis if I knew Chicago wasn't happening, or planned a trip to Atlanta if I had more warning.

I'd still like to try Atlanta, but a last minute cancellation would screw me as I don't have family there. Besides its a long drive.


Argh! hopefully this kick ass racing catches on and I'll get to go next year. Or better yet they'll come to me in Indy.

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